Lynne Hybels

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Dear Covenant Conference Women

I told you that today I would blog about the conference and post my “script” for the talk I didn’t give. However, with all the storms in the Midwest, my flight home got delayed and delayed and delayed and finally cancelled. Ultimately, I rented a car with three lovely strangers and arrived home 24 hours later than I had intended. What an adventure! All this to say that I didn’t get my blog posted today, but I will definitely have it here for you tomorrow! So please check back on Monday evening to find the blog and the talk I didn’t give. Grandson Henry is spending today with me and we’re going to “play, play, play” (at Henry’s request).

I had a great time with you on Friday. I’m sure it continued to be a fabulous conference. More tomorrow…

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